Marijuana Is Not More Dangerous That Alcohol Right?

The US Govt thinks marihuana is more dangerous or worse then heroin, cocaine meth, what are they smoking? Watch this video;

field of Hemp

I Dream of Hemp Farms As Far As the Eye Can See

SO many times when on long drives in the country i come over a hill and drive down into a dry fenced off valley, barely any animals or life to be seen in any direction, acre and acres of land all doing basically nothing. Perhaps it is part of the millions of hectares being used […]

Hemp Poised to Make a Comeback

Hemp is considered as one of the oldest crops known to human kind, generally used for the manufacture of ropes in the olden days. Currently, hemp is trying to make a comeback of sorts by supplying growing markets in masonry, fibreglass replacements, and textiles. However, the growing and production of hemp in Australia is currently […]

Merkley – McConnell Hemp Amendment Victory

Two politicians – Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Jeff Merkley do have their political differences, often finding themselves on the opposite sides in a number of policy issues. But last June 5, the two politicians found themselves on the same side for once – backing the cause of Hemp. Hemp is pot’s industrial, THC […]